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Free 3DAY Passover Cooking Guide
March 19, 2017


Here's your FREE 3 Day Passover Cooking Guide for 5777

We don't need a countdown to Passover, it is coming and we know it. But no need to hide and put the work off, or worry and fret about how we can get it all done. We women have been managing to make a beautiful yom tov for thousands of years with love and pride. In fact, we have been saving the Jewish People throughout our rocky history! Esther rose to nobility and engineered the overthrow of evil, Yael slew a general and saved us on Chaunkah, Devorah led an army and outdid Cisera, Miriam saved Moshe who gave us the Torah, and Chana taught our people how to pray.

Who says we don't have similar challenges in our day? We sure do! Living with faith and strength in the era before Moshiach is the ultimate test of our generation. But we have the spiritual inheritance of our foremothers: the ability to uproot the evil yetzer hara who tries to make us feel inadequate, to employ the planning of Devorah and the wisdom of Yael to get the job done, the faith to nurture the children in our lives (including ourselves) with the life giving gift of Torah, and the simple sincere words to whisper the prayers of a daughter who needs her Father's help.

You also have another tool to help you through the weeks ahead. It's free and will help you, along with the strengths of our ancient mamas to arrive at the seder with your smile— and your crown— intact.

Your FREE 3 Day Passover Cooking Guide

Let me know how you like it and please send me your ideas!

Thank you for subscribing, I truly enjoy having you in my kitchen with me~


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