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Newsletter~Purim Recipes Issue
March 08, 2017


On Purim we have a tradition to eat foods hidden in other foods. Hamentashen with sweet or savory fillings, meat rolled in cabbage, stuffed in peppers, folded into wrappers of dough. This is to hint to the hidden miracles which we read in the Megillah and celebrate at the seuda, special mitzvah meal of Purim. But there is always a deeper meaning to our customs.

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Purim in all its frivolity, is the cover for a very serious holiday. The story is spread over a 12 year period climaxing in a point when we faced total annihilation as a Nation. Threaded through these years are seemingly unrelated events, a party, a beauty contest, an overheard conversation, a sleepless night, and the evil Haman’s rise to power when it seemed that Hashem had removed His guard, leaving us to a disastrous fate.

Twice Concealed

We are also living in a time when Hashem's presence is, year by year, increasingly concealed. It’s a time called concealment within concealment; the era in which the Torah says, אנוכי הסתר אסתר פני ביום ההוא" I will conceal, and conceal, My face on that day (Devarim 31:18).

The Ba'al Shem Tov explains that the it is not so much that Hashem is concealed, but that the concealment itself is concealed from us. Life feels normal. Strong communities, overflowing schools, active kollels, abundant kosher options give us framework for mitzvos and chesed. We do not realize what is missing. We think He is revealed when He is hidden!

But there is comfort from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in these two lines set to a piercingly beautiful tune you will hear below. The words are: .ואפי’ בהסתרה שבתוך הסתרה בוודאי גם שם נמצא השם יתברך גם מאחורי הדברים הקשים העומדים עליך, אני עומד Even during a concealment within a concealment, Hashem, may He be blessed, is certainly there. Behind all the difficult, confusing, challenging things that stand before you (Hashem says:)— I stand. As long as we know the true reality is hidden, there is hope.

Veiled Brides and Future Firemen

When we take this message into our daily lives, rely on Him (“He has my back”), trust in Him (“He knows what’s best”), we will feel a satisfaction in all our efforts, no matter the outcome. Working on our relationship with G-d in a time when He is so concealed brings purpose to our lives. Then even when we go about our household tasks, work or shopping, we can be joyous, because there is nothing more joyous than serving Hashem b’simcha—in the dark times as well as the revealed good. It’s the recipe for a fulfilling life.

On Purim, we have the once a year opportunity to peek behind the veils of concealment. Just as the best part of a blintz is wrapped inside and mini firemen and little brides disguise the real kids, true reality is hidden in confusion and uncertainty. On Purim we revel in that revelation, because we know that we are constantly cared for by the benevolent, compassionate, loving Creator of all life.

I wish you a phenomenal Purim of friendship and revealed joy that continues in your daily lives throughout the year—and brings the Geula, speedily, in our days.

One of my favorite videos of Rabbi Nachman's Ve'Afilu Be'Hastara. These young men know Who has their back:

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