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The 9 Days are here & here's help
July 21, 2012


Av comes in and our simcha diminishes. During this period we are forced to recognize that things are not normal. Not in the way we dress, not the way we eat and not in the way we go through our days. Things are just not normal for the Jewish Nation as long as we do not have our Beis HaMikdash. read more...

For this not-normal week, I've gone through the pages of Cooking for The King and The Kosher Channel and brought it all together for you: Nine ideas for family fish dinners, frittatas step-by-step, and "Cook Once, Eat Twice" Recipes that save you time and money in the kitchen. I hope this helps you accomplish all you have to do during these nine days, both in the physical world and the spiritual one as well.

The Nine Days Recipes and Menus

May we merit to see our Nation reclaim our noble position when true Malchus, Kingship, is restored and our Beis HaMikdash rebuilt. Soon, in our time.

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