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9 Days Choices
July 01, 2013


9 Days Choices: Menus &Musings

Cooking for The King, the Rosh Hashanah Edition
now in print!

I wish you could join me in my beautiful Old City kitchen for one of the cooking demonstrations this week! We’ll be making recipes from my new book, Cooking for the King, Rosh Hashanah Edition~recipes for life.

While the recipes in the book are chosen with Rosh Hashanah in mind (sweet, simanim ingredients & nut free), these delicious recipes are perfect for your regular rotation of Shabbos and weekday meals because they are designed for you, Queen in the Kitchen. That means they are simple & adaptable with ingredients that are easy to find and of course, taste great!

The upcoming demos introduce my Rosh Hashanah cookbook, but in our time together we’ll be talking about our avoda for these 3 weeks and trying recipes that will help in our Nine Days menu planning. The recipes feature tomatoes, leeks, peppers, and other summer produce that are in abundance now.

Summer is harvest time; the time when stalks of grain, bushels of tomatoes and pecks of peaches are taken from the fields where they have been carefully planted and nourished. harvest time is fully underway in the fields, there is a sort of harvest going on within us during these hot summer months.

Harvest is a time of disconnection. The crops are uprooted and shorn from their place of nourishment and growth. It is also a time of transition. The harvest is cleaned, sorted and carted away to the place where it can serve its ultimate purpose.

During these days when we mourn out national tragedies, we are also feeling disconnected from our Source of life. In that void we work on tshuva. Our purpose now is to rectify the sins that keep us from meriting the greatest revelation of Hashem in our midst.

We are sorting out our bruised feelings, tossing out our rotten thoughts, and like the produce of the land, we are on the move. K’lal Yisrael is in transition through these long days. They are days of intensifying mourning, and while we mourn together, we are each very much alone in the work we have to do.

Do you realize that each fruit or vegetable is individually chosen for harvest before it is ripe? The days or weeks it takes to bring it to the produce stand are the days that it needs to develop and mature. By the time it reaches our table it has evolved to its full potential. We are changing too. We are becoming sweeter, fuller, more pleasurable to others and to Hashem.

May we all use this time of disconnection to evolve in greater appreciation for each other, our rabbis and the gift of the holy Torah that binds us together- and to our Source of life. May we all soon see the revealed glory of a restored Beis HaMikdash and together bring Bikkurim, the first fruits, symbols of our realized potential.

I don’t want you, my loyal Queen of the Kitchen subscriber, to miss out! I’m including the recipes from Cooking for the King that we’ll be making at the demonstrations. Please let me know if you have any questions, it’ll be almost like you are in my kitchen with me (and you don’t have to make a reservation!).

~Nish Noshim Salad
~Salmon & Caramelized Onion Quiche with Creamy Dill Sauce
~Roasted Leeks Pasta with Spinach Pesto

We’ll be doing a book kickoff event at the OU Center in August, so if you’ll be in Jerusalem then, look for that info coming soon.

I hope to see you there~ ~

Not in Jerusalem? Here's how to bring a
Cooking for The King demo to your community

Thank you for subscribing, I truly enjoy having you in my kitchen with me.


Cooking for The King: The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips designed to bring majesty to the mundane.

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