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Your 3Day Cooking Guide is here
March 30, 2014


A Gift For You:

You have just received your Queen in the Kitchen 3 Day Pesach Cooking Plan. It's plan that works for me, and scores of women who implemented it last year told me how liberating their Pesach was because of the ideas shared in it.

I hope you will find it beneficial and that it will help get your own cooking plan going, so that you can arrive at your Seder with your crown intact.

Here's a Preview:

Sample Menus, & the fun begins
Equipment, we are only as good as our help
The Pesach Pantry Basics, shop for success
Build the Refrigerator Pantry, are we having fun yet?

& Recipes:
Healthful sides that hold for days
Fresh Salads in a snap
Satisfying Chol HaMoed Meals, totable too
Homemade Substitutions you'll want to rely on

Open your Queen in the Kitchen 3Day Cooking Plan, a 19 page PDF file that you can read online, or download, print and share.

Please let me know if you have any questions about, or problems opening the file at
Also you can call me in Israel:
& from the US-404-795-6228 (EST+7 hours)


I hope you enjoy the guide and have satisfaction in your Passover preparations. Wishing you a chodesh tov & a chag kasher v'samayach, a good new month and happy and kosher Passover.

Thank you for subscribing, I truly enjoy having you in my kitchen with me.

Cooking for the King, recipes for life

Cooking for The King: The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips designed to bring majesty to the mundane.

I am looking for more testers for the second edition of Cooking for the King and I cannot think of anyone better to include than the fabulous readers of The Kosher Channel. To find out more about that, click here.

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