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Cooking for the King
edition two: $18

"It's a sefer for women, disguised as a cookbook—a really good cookbook"

  "Your BEAUTIFUL book was a very delicious surprise. I think it might be the only cookbook in my life that has ever drawn me enough to read. The artistry of it and the Torah you've written make it a uniquely illuminating contribution to the rest of us." ~Sarah Shapiro, author

  "...beautiful and very user friendly.  I tried the apple cake and my son said it was the best apple cake he ever had.  I look forward to trying the rest very soon." ~Rivka Segal, OU Israel

   "Clearly, eating is one of the great physical pleasures in life. One can engage it in its most basic form, simply indulging at will--or use it to build a bridge between heaven and earth. Renee Chernin, in her book Cooking for The King, proves to be an expert in building this bridge." ~Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

   "...recipes are interesting to read, easy to follow, and delicious to eat." ~Sara Yoheved Rigler, author and international lecturer

  "Wow, incredible job, you are truly gifted in developing an idea in a clear and inspirational way.  Kol Hakavod."  ~Shira Smiles, acclaimed teacher

Cooking for the King
edition one: $14.95

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 I hope these books will be your go-to guides for the holidays ~ and that you'll enjoy the fresh simplicity in over 200 recipes, time saving cooking tips and inspiration all year long.

Renee Rousso Chernin

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