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Jewish women have a special prayer we say in the morning thanking Hashem for making us kirtzono—according to His ratzon,  which in English means, "favor, desire or will."  This Hebrew word, ratzon shares its root with another word, tzinor—meaning "conduit," or channel.  

As you go about your daily activities, work, laundry, appointments and yes, cooking, you are actually a channel—a kosher channel, through which blessing can flow from Above into your life. And that is what TheKosherChannel is all about.

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You won't find thousands of recipes here, but there are hundreds. They have all been tested in my kitchen and served to my family and guests, then tweaked to perfection before I share them with you. I think you'll make them part of your regular repertoire. 

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Delicious with Ingredients that are easy to find. Simple to prepare recipes that Have adaptability

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Cooking for the King,  the kosher cookbooks I always wanted to have, because I love being a Jewish woman and I want you to, too!

The latest edition is collection of the most amazing tried and true recipes for all year round: Creamy Potato Soup—so easy, plus you can make it 4 ways!   Authentic Fettuccini Alfredo and a little known story about how the originator's family helped Italian Jews during the holocaust. You'll meet our heroines, and heroes; you'll discover history and hashkafa (Jewish outlook).  The recipes are simple and appealing—real food for real life. 

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