Simple Passover Recipes

A Simple Passover, now that's a concept. What woman doesn't get a sinking feeling as we round the corner after Purim? If the cleaning doesn't wipe us out the cooking surely will. Sometimes I think the meaning of Passover gets lost somewhere in all the minutia and expectations.

Ladies, this is THE holiday of freedom

Let's not be slaves anymore to the latest trends in cooking, fancy Passover dessert recipes, expensive prepackaged mixes, and worst of all, others' opinions of our Pesach entertaining style-or lack thereof.

Here’s a revelation that you might have missed at Mount Sinai (after all, it was several lifetimes ago): 

Passover food is supposed to be simple

What’s the most famous food we eat on Pesach? No, not macaroons…it’s matzah! Wheat and water, mixed and rolled and done in 18 minutes. That simple.

On Pesach when we are so very careful about cleaning our kitchens so no family member eats a miniscule morsel of chometz; how can we relinquish our scrupulous standards of oversight to mega-factories? It’s a myth that these products make our lives easier. 

You’ve seen the shelves of chometz-like stand-ins giving us more choice than ever. I don’t know about you, but my mind buzzes when I see aisles of new products.

Easy to make ahead Passover substitutions simplify your cooking.

 Do I really have to pay inflated prices just to find out if a product performs and then risk disappointment when the family turns up a nose?

Pesach is the time to stick with simple, tried and true. No recipes here concocted in the image of chometz. Simply put, Passover food on thekosherchannel.com is what it is~ and it isn’t what is not.

 &..Now for your Pesach recipes...

Special treat: How to arrive at your seder like a Queen ~Notes from HaRav Scheinberg, zt"l.