Simple Kosher for Passover Recipes

No Question: I'm determined to have a wonderful, liberating Passover, and arrive at our seder like a Queen. And NO we are not going to a hotel! Instead, I'm going to be Cooking for The King. Here are resources for making  kosher for Passover recipes as well as make ahead substitutions and tips for simplifying your preparations. 

Gift for you— The free guide to  Passover Cooking in 3-Days.  Want that?

This is a time to get back to basics. Simplicity reigns. The recipes here feature food close to the source, prepared simply and always with a twist that complements to brings out the food's best flavor. 

The Queen in the Kitchen 3-day Cooking Guide is full of time saving tips. Starting with preparing your Pesach pantry with better-than-stir-bought, easy to make substitutions you'll use all week.

My Favorite Easy Passover Substitutions

Breadcrumbs for meatballs and stuffings=instant potato flakes

Rice vinegar=lime juice + sugar

Cider vinegar=lemon juice + orange or apple juice

White vinegar=lemon juice

Links to Essential Pesach Substitution Recipes :

& as promised... kosher for passover recipes that you'll come back for every year