The Salads Recipes and More

Eating is about connecting, says Rabbi Akiva Tatz in his book Worldmask   Sharing bowls of eye-appealing spreads, nibbles and dips together breaks the ice and bonds those around the table. Bonding with others is an important aspect of eating......

Below you will find links to fresh salads recipes: side dish salads as well as delicious kosher appetizer dips and spreads.  As with any recipe, and more so with salads, start with the best quality, freshest ingredients, add a sprinkle of love and you are assured of great results. ~ I hope you enjoy making, serving and sharing my favorite salads.

Delicious salad dressings:

Tried and true salads recipes you'll surely enjoy when you buy "COOKING FOR THE KING"

     a taste of what's in the Chanukah edition:

Meet & Greek Salad
Radish & Orange Salad
Nuts About Kale Salad

     & in the Rosh Hashanah edition:

Ginger Beets
Siman Salad
Nish Nosh Salad