Kosher Meat: to eat or not to eat
you gotta beef with that?

    In my twenties, I was an avowed vegetarian and refused to eat meat. No flesh of any breathing being was going to contaminate the holy temple of my body. However, when face to face with a plate of juicy beef ribs or my mother's special kosher brisket recipe, my conviction wavered and after a few years I began to enjoy meat once again.

    It still was another twenty years before I understood that there was so much to appreciate about the awesome inner workings of this world our Creator designed~especially when it comes to the hierarchy of man and beast....read "Holy Chow" and more like this in  Cooking for the King, Rosh Hashanah edition. Cooking for the King includes tips and Torah insights plus my best tested,  sensational meat recipes.    Get your very own copies here

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