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Purim Paves the Way to Pesach
March 09, 2016


Rosh Chodesh Adar II arrives this week, with her escorts joy and happiness growing daily as we approach the holiday of Purim.

Visits to theKosherChannel are growing daily too, but surprisingly—many visitors are missing out on the Purim ideas and recipes—instead are already delving into the pages about Pesach.

Of course I am happy whenever you tune in to, but let’s not rush ahead of ourselves! The Jewish calendar is a cycle of opportunities. Each holiday has its particular shefa, flow from Above, which is just what we need at that time to have a happier, richer life and gain closeness to Hashem. Let me tell you a secret about how the shefa of Purim can help you sail through your Pesach preparations.

The End of the Beginning

The miracles of Purim close the annual cycle of Jewish holidays. Last Pesach we began this cycle by recounting and rejoicing in the world-recognized, obvious miracles the Almighty performed for our sake. Great miracles that led to G-d splitting the sea and giving us the Torah.

Through the year, that “high” of revealed miracles diminishes little by little until now, at the end of winter, when we reach the final flurry of Purim. It’s such a short, busy, frivolous holiday, obscuring the clarity we had when the year began—or so it seems.

The miracles we celebrate on Purim are hidden. That is its essence. Through the Megilla, we get a peek inside the King’s plan and see that our mundane physical reality just a veil hiding what is most profound and meaningful: a life of mitzvos. From within that hiddenness, deep joy bursts forward and propels us toward the multitude of mitzvos in Nisan—with the energy we need to wholeheartedly prepare for Pesach.

The Purim Prerequisite

Even though the miracle of Purim happened over a thousand years after Hashem brought us out of Egypt, its shefa is vital for us now. Rashi explains that the increased joy that begins with Rosh Chodesh Adar (this Thursday & Friday) continues until the days of Pesach.

Purim comes first, Pesach will follow soon enough. Let’s end the holiday cycle with a bang. Overflow with joy, happiness, frivolity, music, good food and drink, and gather all the mitzvos, growth, simcha you can. Then pull this abundance of good energy into your Pesach planning, b’simcha!

Break Out (don't Freak Out)

To help you get a start on Purim seuda ideas, I’ve been adding recipes and menu ideas to Part of Purim is breaking out of the norm. For me that means making a fun, themed seuda. This year I added a Southern Cookin’ Dinner to the Persian and Fajita Party menus. Maybe you’ll want to take a peek.

And to help you avoid pre-Pesach Freak Out, request my FREE 3-Day Pesach Cooking Guide. Whatever you do, do it with emuna and joy. You’ll be attaching yourselves to the one true King, your Father who loves you so much and wants you to succeed, more than anything!

Your Purim Menu Ideas and Recipes start here~

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