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~You are the Queen of the Kitchen Purim Recipes and Menu Plan~

A Persian Menu for Purim seems like a natural idea, after all that's where the whole megilla began. But when I started looking for recipes and testing them, I realized authentic Persian recipes require authentic Persian ingredients. Those can be very hard to find.

The thought of trying to negotiate unfamiliar neighborhoods in search of exotic ingredients whose names I cannot even pronounce almost made me scrap the idea altogether. But not so fast, this resourceful Queen in the Kitchen turned to her favorite source of cooking ideas and inspiration: Google.

And there they were: substitutions for concentrated tamirand paste and advieh, to name a couple. Now, making Mahi-Ye Tu Por Ba Sabzi and Khoresht will be a breeze. You'll see!

So, with all due apology to the true Persian princesses out there, please join me in my kitchen. We're going to cook up a lot of fun and festive recipes with elegance and ease because ~you know, as we cook, we are Cooking for The King.

Inspiration is just a click away:

You are the Queen in The Kitchen : The Persian Purim Menu
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~Purim 2012/5772~

The Fast of Esther is March 7.
Purim 5772 begins at sundown on March 7.
In walled cities such as Yerushalayim and Shushan,
Purim begins at sundown on March 8.

A Purim Samayach to all!

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