Home for Purim !

You're home for Purim seuda? Here are the Purim recipes you need! ( And here are lots more) Celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim in Queen Esther's homeland. Welcome to Persia!  

This year, Queen in the Kitchen is home for Purim, with family and friends. E're creating an aura of nobility in the food as we prepare for a crowd pleasing, freliche Purim Seuda.

Join me as we enter ancient Persia, where it all began....

Purim Appetizer Recipes & Ideas with a Persian twist

See the Alabama Jubilee Southern Themed Purim Seuda....

Exquisite (& easy) Purim Entrees

Leave the salads on the table and bring out the colorful main dishes

Fire up the grill with a Tex-Mex Themed Purim Menu....

Perfect Purim Desserts

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