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~You are the Queen of the Kitchen Purim Recipes and Menu Plan~

A Persian Menu for Purim seems like a natural idea, after all that's where the whole megilla began. But when I started looking for recipes and testing them, I realized authentic Persian recipes require authentic Persian ingredients. Those can be very hard to find.

The thought of trying to negotiate unfamiliar neighborhoods in search of exotic ingredients whose names I cannot even pronounce almost made me scrap the idea altogether. But not so fast, this resourceful Queen in the Kitchen turned to my favorite source of cooking ideas and inspiration: Google.

And there they were: substitutions for concentrated tamirand paste and advieh, to name a couple. Now, making Mahi-Ye Tu Por Ba Sabzi and Khoresht will be a breeze. You'll see!

So, with all due apology to the true Persian princesses out there, please join me in my kitchen. We're going to cook up a lot of fun and festive recipes with elegance and ease because ~you know, as we cook, we are Cooking for The King.

Inspiration is just a click away:

You are the Queen in The Kitchen : The Persian Purim Menu

The Fast of Esther is this Thursday, March 17. Purim 5771 begins motzi Shabbat, Saturday night, the seuda, festive meal is on Sunday. In walled cities such as Yerushalayim and Shushan, Purim begins Sunday night, and the seuda is Monday.

A Purim Samayecha to all!

Thank you for subscribing, I truly enjoy having you in my kitchen.