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Free Stress-less Pesach 3Day Cooking Guide
March 31, 2016


You did it! You grabbed the gusto of Purim and now you are gearing up for the grueling weeks ahead. NOT.

In these pre-Pesach weeks we can be consumed with doing all that is required of us to ensure a kosher Pesach. We might miss out on the greatness of the time. Preparing for Pesach is an awesome process that can us move to places of joy and freedom within, places we have yearned for.

First step to the Seder: It starts With a Plan

Three weeks from tonight we'll be at the Seder. Seder means “order,” a progression of events, it tells us things are not random. In other words, seder means there is a plan. And so we must also have a plan.

This week: Shop for clothing and gifts for the whole gang to enjoy. Suits, dresses, wine and jewelry. "Like" that—right? Be sure it all fits and remove the tags. Set up the help you'll need: Make appointments if you're getting your car, carpets, upholstery or windows cleaned. Freeze some pre-Pesach meals because you know there won't be ANYTHING to eat in your house full of KLP food!

Rosh Chodesh Nisan arrives Shabbat April 8/9, right after that you can concern yourself with cleaning your house—with this most practical and pleasant Pesach cleaning guide—until then, let me take care of the food! This is going to be GOOD.

This Sunday I plan to send out your very practical TNT 3-day Passover Cooking Plan. You'll use it to plan your menus and shopping lists. You'll also see that it's a recipe for how we can channel the shefa, the outpouring from Above of greatness, trust and joy that is available to us now, and bring it into our hearts and our homes—through the seemingly mundane work of cooking for Passover.

Here's your chance—>>Order Your FREE 3-Day Passover Cooking Plan Menu Ideas and Recipes here~

Meanwhile tune in to see what TheKosherChannel is cookin' up for Pesach here...

Thank you for subscribing, I truly enjoy having you in my kitchen with me.


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