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Go With the Flow-the Secret of Tu b'Sehvat
January 24, 2016


In Israel it is now the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat, the Rosh Hashanah for the Trees. We celebrate by eating fruits and nuts of the trees, some say 15 different varieties and some say even more. But the essence of the day is not how many or what fruits we eat, but how we eat

In fact, by just eating fruit a little differently on Tu b’Shevat we can actually change our relationship with food for the entire year—How?

Well, it starts in the in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Chava made a fatal error by eating a fruit of the Eitz HaDa’as (the Tree of Knowledge) This was the only food forbidden to them in the entire paradise Hashem gave them. What happened is they got confused, acted impulsively and soon regretted it. Ever been there?

Their confusion was rooted in their understanding of the purpose of food. G-d wants to give us the GREATEST pleasure in life. Adam and Chava knew full well that connecting to Hashem was the ultimate pleasure. Yet when their lower self, (represented by the snake) argued that they were missing out on something enjoyable, indulging seemed perfectly rational at the time.

Our mission as Jews is to enjoy the gifts of this world in the the best possible way by connecting them to their Source. It is a hidden process, like the sap rising in the tree, a flow from here below to the infinite Above.

It takes place with all our physical senses: Our senses sharpen at the sight and smell of a delicious meal. We hear ourselves say the bracha, delight in the food’s taste and texture as a gift from our loving, nurturing Creator. We nourish our soul and it rises. This is true pleasure.

Looking at the physical world as a channel to connect with G‑d as a means of service to Him, we experience His Presence. No greater joy than that!

Every holiday has it’s flow of Divine goodness. When we know what the shefa of the season is, we can actively become channels for that good to flow into our lives. The shefa of Tu b’Shevat is that it is a turning point. Today is the day we can most access this opportunity for lasting change. Today you might bite into one crispy apple or attend a Tu b’Sevat Seder with an endless rainbow of fruits and nuts. Whatever you choose, choose to eat for the deepest pleasure hidden in the food.

This is what and Cooking for the King are all about. It’s been a while since I sent out a holiday email and I thought what an appropriate day this is to correct that and re-connect with women like you who reach high for deeper meaning. Wishing you a joyous Tu b’Shevat and changes that will bear fruit in your life for generations.

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