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Challah, foccacia, wraps or Onion & Poppyseed Twirls are perfect to serve with Olive Oil Dips, Green or Black Olive Tepanade.... find out more about the olive & luscious olive recipes, Israel's most precious fruit, in Cooking for the King, edition two

 ~available here ~

Menu II


     Tu b'Shvat is the Rosh Hashana for the trees. We like to try to eat as many different kinds of fruit as we can find throughout the meal and some bring out all sorts of fruity,nutty desserts and sweets to make and share on the holiday. 

My absolute best, tried and true recipes make it to the cookbooks I write. Here are the TU B'SHEVAT DESSERTS ONLY IN COOKING FOR THE KING, EDITION ONE--available here and on Amazon

Moistest Carrot Cake Ever
Chocolate Beet Cake with Buttercream -amazingly pareve!
Outrageous Oatmeal Orange Date Bars
Gan Eden Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies
Pear with Pomegranate Dessert from "Cooking for the King, volume one"

What is Tu b'Shvat about? Here's the inside story ....and if you're hungry for more, 
here's a link to a previous Tu b'Shvat newsletter

Dates for Tu b'Shvat 5781 / 2021

begins as Shabbat ends, January 30  and ends at nightfall Sunday, January 31

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