Forgotten Zucchini
from my "best of" recipes for zucchini

This became one of my best recipes for zucchini quite by accident. I usually cook vegetables until crisp-tender, thereby retaining the nutrients and the bright color. However, one day, with too many pots on the stove, I forgot to keep my eye on this one. The result was a dish that met with a resounding agreement that this overcooked oversight was a “keeper.”

It's a featured recipe in Cooking for the King, the Rosh Hashanah Edition. See how to order your copy here~

Zucchini Couscous is one also one of our best recipes for zucchini.

Forgetting has it's positive side. To forget the pain of trauma means we do not have to relive it as deeply. That kind of forgetting is a blessing. I've heard it said that "a good parent has a bad memory." We should not hold our children accountable into their adult years for childish behavior of their youth. As a rule, it's perfectly OK to forget the infractions of others, but let us never forget their goodness.

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