Cooking for the King
edition two: $18

I'm so excited to bring you the second in my series of kosher cookbooks with recipes—for life.  Besides well tested recipes that will certainly make their way into your regular repertoire, there is more. Stories of great Jewish heroines, and stories with a splash of Southern charm and a hail to my Sephardic heritage.  "Comeback Sauce," a Mississippi tradition gives us a Torah message. A visit to my aunt's kitchen in the piece called "Culture, Kitchen & Quajados,"  connects us to our heritage through the aroma of love and memories.

"Anything's Possible Potato Soup" with a few additions becomes Corn Chowder, Creamy Broccoli Soup or the delicious rich Cream of Mushroom Soup on the cover shows us the power of creativity. 

You'll get the recipe for my most requested "Breezy Barbecue Brisket" and "Onkeles Salad" a.k.a., Caesar Salad. You'll have to read the book to see why I changed the name.  So hurry and get your copy. Plus one for a friend, it will make her so happy. 

 NOW you can have/gift BOTH Editions for $26.00 (a $33 value)! 

Both editions together serve up over 100 TNT recipes in 250 pages with full color photos, health & cooking tips, stories and

the Torah's insights about food and the holidays~ Makes the perfect wedding or hostess gift,

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First Edition list price $15

Edition one in my series of holiday themed kosher cookbooks, is for Rosh Hashanah. The recipes are perfect for the yom tov and also for Shabbat. 

 Every recipe features one of the simanim, special foods we eat as an "omen" for a good year. Explanations and health benefits about each of the simanim are included, too. 

Seasoned with Torah insights into food and cooking— I hope these books will be your go-to guides for the holidays and that you'll enjoy their fresh simplicity, cooking tips and inspiration all year long!

Cooking for the King
edition one: $15

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