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TheKosherChannel is all about YOUthe exalted status of the Jewish woman who channels holiness and nobility into the lives of those around her.

it's about finding majesty, making life simpler with Queen in the kitchen (QIK) cooking tips and lots of TNT kosher recipes you'll surely want to try...

Jewish women have a special prayer we say in the morning thanking Hashem for making us kirtzono, according to His ratzon:  His choice.  This Hebrew word, ratzon shares its root with another word, tzinor, meaning "conduit," or channel.  

As you go about your daily activities, work, laundry, appointments and yes, cooking--you are actually a channel, a kosher channel, through which Hashem's blessings can flow from Above into your home. 

When you cook ~ you are cooking for The King.

Whether YOU are an executive in a Fortune 500 company or feel fortunate to work full time at home, or—like most of us—are somewhere in between, 

 as a Jewish woman ~ You Are Queen

After all, every Jewish home is a palace for Hashem to dwell among us.  Let's bring nobility and vitality to our home, our, mikdash mei'at.  

That is what the Kosher Channel.com  and Cooking for the King is all about. 

So click around and enjoy the recipes and the food for thought. 

I hope you'll contact me with suggestions and questions. Let me hear from you...

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