Welcome to The Kosher Channel. com!

where you'll discover the secret ingredient to delicious kosher cooking is ~you.   Jewish women have a special morning prayer thanking Hashem for making us kirtzono.  This word shares its root with tzinor, meaning "conduit," or channel.

You are created to join two worlds.

As you go about your mundane activities, you are actually a channel, a kosher channel, through which Hashem's blessings can flow from Above into your home.

When you cook, you are cooking for The King.

TheKosherChannel.com is a growing database of delicious, well-tested kosher recipes and helpful cooking tips.  BUT, we both know that you are much more than chief cook and grocery maven on the hunt for the latest trends in kosher cooking.  As a Jewish homemaker: 

YOU~are Queen.

Deep down, we know what a privilege it is to run our Jewish home, to help our family members achieve their goals, and to host guests whenever we can. We invest a lot of energy and creativity into the task.  But so often the nitty-gritty cycle of this holy work seems mundane.

& that's where The Kosher Channel comes in:  Besides lots of TNT kosher recipes you'll surely want to try... ...this site is all about YOUand the exalted status of the Jewish woman who brings holiness and nobility into the lives of those around her.

With the help of Hashem, thekoshechannel.com will be your go-to place for ideas and inspiration for you-and from you.

I invite you to tune in, relax with a cup of tea or coffee and begin Cooking for The King ~ Now, let's get started!

Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin
The book of recipes, practical tips with the taste of Torah,
designed to bring majesty to your menu.

*Cooking for The King essays from which all material on thekosherchannel.com is taken, are copyrighted and need express written permission to reproduce for any reason.

Featured in Mishpacha, the Jewish Press, Hamodia and Yated!  Fabulous, easy to prepare cuisine designed to bring majesty to your menu ~ 

Order YOUR copy of Cooking for the King here... 

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