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If love had a taste, I am sure it would be quince. Never tried it? Here's your chance... in this kosher cooking video on how to choose, cut and cook the lovely quince.

Too often sidelined as a slippery southern staple but okra is known as "bamia" in almost every Mediterranean country. This is a classic Middle Eastern okra recipe that can make an okra lover out of the staunchest objector.


What' so fabulous about fennel?~ Rambam touts fennel as a slimming agent and preserver of youth. Fennel opens up a whole new arena of healthful cooking opportunity.


Middle East Spiced Chicken Kabobs~ makes for Great Grilling! A Cooking for The King exclusive new chicken breast recipe


Shlissel Challah~ a segula, good omen, for parnassa, or livelihood.


Jewish Holiday recipe:
Kosher Meat Roulade with parsley apricot filling
~ sounds fussy, but even a novice cook will find this elegant meat recipe easy to accomplish. The roulade technique made simple with these step-by-step instructions


Roasted Bell Pepper Salad with Cumin~ another how to video, this one shows you exactly how to roast bell peppers in the oven. Then you'll learn how to prepare a sumptuous Syrian Bell Pepper Salad. It's easier than you think.


Gingerdoodles! ~ I like to call these "Snickerdoodle's Spicy Cousin." Some say these are addicting, but that's ok, ginger has a storehouse of healthy healing attributes. I've made these margarine/butter free so they are also easy on the arteries. What's not to like about that?

Easy Vinaigrette Recipe~ premiere video!
Learn about lemons, garlic and vinaigrette, the Queen in the Kitchen way


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You've got to try this delicious Oven Barbeque Salmon

The best apron

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