The Kosher Cooking Demonstration
"Success in Elul, in and out of the kitchen"

"Thanks so much!!!  We ALL enjoyed!!!  I got a lot of positive feedback." -Brach in Jerusalem

 "The ladies who attended your program are still talking about how awesome you were, and those that didn't attend are sad to have missed you." -Faye in Merrick (Sisterhood)

"Women are still coming up to me and saying how amazing the Demo was" Rivka in St. Louis (Eishes Chayil/Partners & JWRP)

"You generated a great deal of positive energy here Tuesday night - thank you again!!"  Trudy in Milwaukee (TAM PTSA)

"A breath of fresh air" -attendee in Minneapolis (Kollel)

"We enjoyed having you, people still talk about you and your recipes. Hatzlacha!" -Tova (Chabad of Monmouth County)

Renee relates to women of many backgrounds and promotes a style of simple elegance, health and humor in the kitchen. The perfect event to bring to your Sisterhood - N'shei - JWRP -PTSA - Learning Group

"With a simple plan...great recipes and a message of nobility" -Jewish Press

The 1 1/2 hour presentation includes preparing 3-4 recipes from the book, helpful cooking tips and health benefits.  Renee stirs in hashkafic ingredients as she talks about the food~ cooking for the holidays becomes an important part of a Jewish woman's overall spiritual preparation for the awesome days ahead. See the demo schedule......

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