Sephardic Leek Patties recipe is in

Cooking for the King, edition one

Sephardic Leek Patties

This and more great recipes are in the book, so please order Cooking for the King~winning recipes for Shabbos & yom tov. You'll feel rewarded! 

Cooking for the King, 1ST EDITION
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Featuring tried and true holiday recipes with beautiful photos and time saving tips.   Here's a sampling of what you'll find in The Rosh Hashanah Cookbook

Cooking for the King is not just for Rosh Hashanah~ You'll enjoy these make ahead, practical and beautiful dishes all year, and

You'll get these mouth watering recipes that are Simply Kosher for Passover:

Snappy Slaw-keeps for days, getting better by the day

Hearty Cabbage Soup- the "king" of soups

Savory Moroccan Carrot Soup -serve warm or chilled

Mango-Granate BBQ Fish- not your ordinary BBQ

Brown Sugar Salmon -with my secret soy sauce substitute

Caramelized Onion Chicken -gets rave reviews by owners of Cooking for the King

Queen of the Kitchen Top of the Rib Roast-  your go-to roast recipe for any holiday

These Side Dishes from Cooking for the King are so pretty~ and pretty easy, too:  Sweeter than Sour Roasted Cabbage with Apple - Carrots Marsala ~ Good As Gold Potatoes ~ Sephardic Leek Patties ~ Forgotten Zucchini

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