The Amazing Avocado
health benefits in a perfect package brought to you from The Creator of the world

Avocado Health Benefits in a Perfect Package 

The avocado is a fabulous fruit. Yes, it's a fruit. It grows on a tree like a pear, has a pit like a peach and the skin of..... an alligator. In fact it is called “alligator pear” because of its tough, bumpy peel. But underneath the skin lies a creamy, mellow, rich flavor that has no match in salads, on sandwiches or eaten right out of its skin. 

And if that were not enough, we can see how perfectly Hashem takes care of us by looking at a particular health benefit of the avocado. Often avoided because of its high fat content--each avocado contains about 30 grams of fat--yet therein lies the secret to its efficacy in fighting all too common cancers. The Perfect Package, everything we need

More on the avocado, and my almost famous Avocado Dressing/Dip/Marinade/Sauce that is a powerhouse of nutrients and so delicious, in the 2nd edition of Cooking for the King, available here.

Avocado Recipes

The almost famous Go Avocado Everything Recipe in "Cooking for the King, the Chanukah Edition

How to Cut An Avocado Video

more appetizer dips and salads....

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