The Kosher Cooking Demonstration for Chanukah
"What's Oil Got to do With it?"

Dixie Corn Dollars

Cupcake Menorah

Tahini Cookies


We had a great time for our Elul demos in Jerusalem, Netanya, St. Louis, Manalapan, Richmond, Rockville, Baltimore, Milwaukee & Atlanta. Now you can bring this event to the ladies of your community to energize them, both in and out of the kitchen, this Chanukah. Now Booking-References available.

Renee relates to women of many backgrounds and promotes a style of simple elegance, health and humor in the kitchen.  Her cooking demo is the perfect event to bring to your community of women:     Sisterhood - N'shei - JWRP - Women's Circle - PTSA Learning Group

"With a simple plan...great recipes and a message of nobility" -Jewish Press

The 1 1/2 hour presentation includes preparing 3-4 recipes from her current book, and a sneak preview of the upcoming Chanukah edition. She offers helpful cooking tips and health benefits.  Renee stirs in hashkafic ingredients as she talks about the food~ cooking becomes an important part of a Jewish woman's overall spiritual preparation for, and enjoyment of, Chanukah and Shabbat. 

Read what the press says about Renee's first cookbook:

Cooking for the King  builds a bridge between recipes for food and recipes for life. This year, Rosh Hashanah preparations will be different; Cooking for the King is a siman of that!"-Hamodia

"Luscious recipes, perfect for your Rosh Hashanah table."-Mishpacha

"...array of special and easy-to-prepare and well illustrated recipes that will bring majesty to any yom tov table." -Yated

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More on the book, Rosh Hashana~the Simanim

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