Pareve Caesar Salad & Dressing
a.k.a. "Onkeles Salad"

How does one make Pareve Caesar Salad? It is salad of few ingredients, each one of them integral to the mysterious balance that has made this a well loved classic for two generations.

Julia Child, who wanted to make Caesar Salad something the home cook could easily manage, published the original recipe in her book, "From Julia's Kitchen." Since then, the recipe has been the basis of experimentation and creativity.

We top it with chicken, fish or steak, eliminate the raw or coddled egg and argue about the authenticity of adding anchovies. But we never, never omit the cheese--until now.

This delicious recipe for Caesar Salad captures that sought out rich, but delicate restaurant taste in Cooking for The King's secretly pareve Caesar Salad Dressing. Ahhh...but don't tell Julia!

You can only find out why Pareve Caesar Salad is dubbed "Onkeles Salad" and get the awesomely wonderful dressing, one of my BEST recipes, in Cooking for the King, the 2nd edition winning recipes for Chanukah and everyday!

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