Pumpkin and Ginger Souffle
works well with carrots or butternut squash, too!

Pumpkin and Ginger pair so well and this side dish scores extra points because it can be made ahead and it gets a gold star for its versatility. You can easily substitute carrots or butternut squash for the pumpkin.

Ginger has many health benefits, but if it is not your choice, just substitute with cinnamon or allspice. I have included a low fat option for those of us who shy away from margarine these days. It’s sweet and cake-like so that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Pumpkin and Ginger Souffle

3 pounds peeled and cubed pumpkin, or 2 (15 ½ ounce) cans pureed

1 cup brown sugar

3 teaspoons baking powder

3 teaspoons vanilla

½ teaspoon ground ginger

¼ cup margarine, softened or applesauce

¼ cup vegetable oil

¼ cup flour

3 eggs

1. If using fresh pumpkin, heat a saucepan of water over medium high heat, boil pumpkin 45 minutes to an hour until very soft. Add water as needed to keep pumpkin covered. Drain well. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Place slightly cooled, still warm pumpkin or canned pumpkin in the work bowl of a food processor. Add sugar, baking powder, vanilla, ginger, margarine or applesauce and oil. Process until very smooth. Add flour, mix well. Add eggs one at a time, blending after each addition.

7. Pour mixture into one 9x13 inch baking dish-or two smaller casseroles, sprayed with vegetable spray.

8. Bake in preheated over for1 hour or until top is light brown and soufflé is set (does not wiggle when pan is shaken).

Makes: 12-15 servings
~ Active time: 20 minutes ~ Can make ahead
Cooking time: 2 hours ~ Can freeze

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