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With “Cook Once, Eat Twice” simple meal planning you cook one meal, saving some of the food for another recipe that you can make in minutes within the next few days. Imagine how nice it is to have dinner decided and almost ready. And don't worry – even though you’ll spend a little extra time on the original, or starter recipe, it is still easy too! 

Simple Fish Dinner followed by Pasta Primavera, pareve or dairy. 

Tacos and Rice Dinner followed byTex-Mex Stuffed Peppers 
pareve or meat~gluten free!

The Kosher Channel serves up four great dinners in two night’s work. Each meal serves 6 to 8 appetites, but make adjustments to suit your crew. Remember, “You are the Queen of the Kitchen,” so add and substitute in ways that work best for the people you love.

If you like this style of cooking, you’ll enjoy reading and trying some of the tips and recipes in a chapter of Cooking for The King” called “Planned Overs.” But you can take a peek now at The Planned Over Concept on The Kosher Channel. 

Important tips
Always make sure you follow strict food safety rules:

- refrigerate ingredients to be used later promptly in shallow containers

- cover them tightly so they don't dry out and pick up odors in the refrigerator

-use within 2-3 days


The stuffed peppers can be frozen and used later. Thaw in the refrigerator then warm. Another idea is to freeze them individually. Then, pop in the microwave, low heat if still frozen or zap a thawed one. Makes for a great late afternoon snack or lunch at work. 

Great Savings

With careful planning, you can cut your cooking time and make satisfying, healthy meals for your family almost every night. Using the method often, you’ll also save on electricity and water. The key is to think ahead and make extra portions of main ingredients for use in more than one meal. 

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