Cupcake Menorah
Hanukkah activity for kids that doubles as dessert

I think this Cupcake Menorah as a Hanukkah activity for kids is such a cute and easy idea. A perfect cupcake recipe for the holiday is Sufganiyot Cupcakes. For chocolate lovers, try this really easy 6-Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe. Of course, it also works with any boxed cake mix recipe and ready made frosting.

Make a healthier choice using these recipes for Banana Bread or Carrot Cake. Just bake them in muffin tins and spread these with cream cheese frosting when cool.

QITK tip:First, take a couple of minutes to read about the Hanukkah tradition of lighting the menorah.

Here's how to make this easy as 1-2-3 Hanukkah dessert:

1. Take any cupcake or muffin, decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

2. Place eight of the cupcakes on a long platter. In the center of the row place a pretty inverted drinking glass or small bowl. Set the shamash cupcake here.

3. Place a real candle in the center of each cupcake.

For an fire-free edible "candle":

~place a chocolate covered wafer stick such as Twix, Pirouline lengthwise in the center of each cupcake and make a "flame" with dab of white or yellow frosting on top

~dip pretzel sticks in melted white chocolate and top with a yellow or orange gummy candy

~cut Twizzlers to candle size and use icing to secure a candy flame

~Chanukah lollipops make a tempting topper

A Cupcake Menorah makes a creative, easy Hanukkah centerpiece and the kids will really enjoy watching their dessert flicker away throughout the meal. They may even stay at the table a bit longer!

More ways with Hanukkah cupcakes:

~for an adult version you can make the cupcake menorah using mini bundts and place a mound of frosting in the center to anchor the candle

~unfrosted cupcakes, muffins, mini bundt cakes freeze wonderfully, so make a batch now to have on hand for the holiday

~a simple elegant touch is to thread shimmery matching ribbons through the cupcakes on your platter

~ gold or silver foil or other decorative cupcake liners dress up your Hanukkah centerpiece

~slip a chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil into the center of each cupcake before icing for a sweet surprise

~involve the kids! Let everyone decorate their own cupcake. Each "candle" can be as unique as the child who created it

QITK tip: Enjoy the miracles of your friends and family this Hanukkah. Plan ahead, plan simply, plan to ask for help~
~ and if the plans don't work out the way you think they should, remember Who is really in charge.

Delicious Hanukah recipes and menus your'll want to serve with your Cupcake Menorah from:

Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin
The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips
designed to bring majesty to the mundane.