Soup is powerful food.....

"Soup is powerful food.  It has the power to warm both our bodies and our souls.  It makes us feel loved, cared for, cherished.  No wonder that its only mention in the entire Torah appears intertwined with themes of relationship and eternal values.... " 

Cooking for the King, Rosh Hashanah edition features this article and four sensational soup recipes! Here's how to get your very own book:

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Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin ~ The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips designed to bring majesty to the mundane.

As featured in Mishpacha, the Jewish Press, Hamodia,  Yated & 5Towns Jewish Home

The Week's Favorite Recipes:

"Women are still coming up to me and saying how amazing the Demo was" Rivka in St. Louis (Eishes Chayil, Partners & JWRP)