Bonfire Cupcakes
& how to celebrate Lag b'Omer

Adorable idea from a Queen in her kitchen, Nechama Birnbaum of Creative for The King: Bonfire Cupcakes for Lag b'Omer.

It seems like there is a cupcake for just about every Jewish holiday these days (seeThe Cupcake Menorah)~ and why not? They are easy to serve, fun for the kids and adults alike, cupcakes just make us smile. 

QIK (queen in the kitchen) tip: Take Bonfire Cupcakes to your Lag B'Omer picnic in a foil pan with a domed lid. Fill in between spaces with mini marshmallows to keep them secure.

How to make Bonfire Cupcakes ~from Creative for The King

You'll need: cupcakes*, white icing, red and orange food coloring, a small plastic sandwich bag and thin pretzels or cookie sticks.

1. To plain frosting in a bowl, add a few drops each of red and orange food coloring. Stir gently. The idea is to marbleize rather than blend the colors. 
2. Spoon icing into the plastic bag and snip a small hole in a corner. 
3. Squeeze frosting in center of cupcake, making an upward spiral.
4. Using the pretzel or cookie sticks, "build" the bonfire around the icing.
A cute touch is to place rock shaped candies around the base of the fire.

*Here is our favorite tried and true cake recipe: 

The 6 Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe ~ from Cooking for The King

Making bonfire cupcakes is not so dangerous, but real bonfires can be. Always follow these bonfire safety rules.

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