Jewish Holiday Food and Menus

The Jewish calendar is a cycle of opportunities. Each season, each month, each Jewish holiday brings in its own shefa, its particular flow of goodness from Above. When we know what the shefa of the season is, we can actively become vessels for that goodness to flow into our lives. 

Your home is a tiny Beis HaMikdash that we call our mikdash mei'at, a Temple on a smaller scale. Just as the Temple housed Hashem’s presence, just as the synagogue retains the essence of a sanctuary of service and connection, so too the walls of your home can welcome the shefa particular to the Jewish Holiday. Recipes and menus that are traditional for each holiday actually express the qualities manifest at that time of year. 

As you read through these recipes and cooking tips, stories and insights, I hope they will not only meaningfully enhance your celebration, but will also go with you into the rest of the year with a renewed dedication and vitality. Wishing you much success as we rebuild the eternal Beis HaMikdash, one mikdash mei'at at a time.

Jewish Holiday Food and Menus 

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