The Amazing Avocado
health benefits in a perfect package
     brought to you from The Creator of the world

Avocado Health Benefits in a Perfect Package 

The avocado is a fabulous fruit. Yes, it's a fruit. It grows on a tree like a pear, has a pit like a peach and the skin of..... an alligator. In fact it is called “alligator pear” because of its tough, bumpy peel. But underneath the skin lies a creamy, mellow, rich flavor that has no match in salads, on sandwiches or eaten right out of its skin. 

And if that were not enough, we can see how perfectly Hashem takes care of us by looking at a particular health benefit of the avocado. Often avoided because of its high fat content--each avocado contains about 30 grams of fat--yet therein lies the secret to its efficacy in fighting all too common cancers. The Perfect Package, everything we need

An avocado is high in oleic acid, an important breast cancer inhibitor. It also contains carotenoid leutin and vitamin E which fight prostate cancer. Researchers recently found that these cancer fighters can only be absorbed when delivered to the body in a high fat ratio. Imagine. Hashem packages both the refuah and its delivery mechanism together for our benefit, in a delicious magnificent avocado. Evidence that Hashem always provides for our every need.

 Still worried that the fat in avocados may increase the risk of heart disease? Not to worry, the avocado has been shown to reduce overall cholesterol levels. 

So enjoy, in moderation of course, this heart loving fruit. You will benefit from a level of potassium higher than that of a banana and folate which improves circulation.  Avocado is a Convenience Food? Absolutley.

The avocado is an excellent first food for your child. Easily digested and so nutritious with as many as 14 growth stimulating minerals! Here's a how to take advantage of the avocado as a convenience food. Halve an avocado, hold each half in opposite hands -and twist. A firm ripe avocado should easily separate. Voila~Hashem provides a portable serving bowl for your baby. 

Now you can understand why the heart healthy avocado is not only called an alligator pear but sometimes referred to as a “love apple.” 

How to Cut An Avocado Video

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