Tahini Health Benefits

You thought tahini was just for felafel and hummus, right?

Tahini's FULL of amazing health benefits! Delicious and used in so many creative ways and recipes in Israel. You might say that Israel is "tahini-land," used the way Americans use mayonnaise or peanut butter. But much healthier. 

Besides its rich mineral and vitamin content, tahini has a rich background as well. So you'll also want to go here to learn a bit of its interesting history.

Health Benefits of Sesame Tahini

Tahini soars above the plant food realm in protein, vitamin B, including folic acid, and iron, in addition to non-dairy calcium. These are all nutrients that are especially important in the diet of women of all ages.

Sesame tahini is high in Vitamin E, the “fountain of youth” vitamin, so called maybe because this anti-oxidant, when obtained from food sources, is associated with excellent brain function in older adults.

It is well advised to ensure we get our nutrients from food sources whenever possible. In doing so, we work in conjunction with the Almighty to keep the kli, the vessel for our neshama, able to do mitzvos in the best possible way.

The same is true for sesame’s rich lecithin levels. Our brains contain approximately 28% to function normally. Vitamin E is fat soluble, meaning we need to intake just the fats that lecithin provides in order for Vitamin E to be absorbed properly by our bodies.

Because it is easily digestible, tahini is an ideal protein source for people with weak digestive systems, as well as a quick energy source for active people.

Learning about the health benefits of foods like delicious, adaptable sesame tahini and eating well is one way we show our Creator appreciation for all He provides to take care of us.


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