Taking Challah
learn about this beautiful mitzvah for Jewish woman

Here you will find the practical steps a Jewish woman makes to perform the mizvah of taking challah. Please follow the included links for a greater understanding of these important steps. 

What is "Taking Challah?

Understanding the measurements which require taking challah, either with or without a blessing, is essential to observing this mitzvah. Rabbinic advice is encouraged. Learn about the deeper meaning of taking challah here...

*If your dough contains 5 pounds of flour and the majority of the liquid in your recipe is water, you will safely be able to separate challah with a blessing. Before taking challah say:

“Baruch a-tah A-do-nai E-lo-hay-nu Melech ha-olam, ah-sher kid-sha-nu be-mitz-vo-tav, v’tzi-va-nu l’haf-rish challah.”

Blessed are You, Lord our
G-d, King of the Universe Who has sanctified us and commanded us to separate challah.

*Learn about the exact measurements on the SecretofChallah.com

Remove an egg-sized piece of dough and say

“Ha-ri-zeh challah” (This is challah)

Always dispose of challah according to halacha, Jewish law*.

Please check with your rabbi and The Secret of Challah for a women's complete guide to proper observance of the mitzvah of hafrashas challah, taking challah.   

I was privileged to benefit from the guidance of Mrs. Rochel Miller* of Jerusalem in developing the ideas in The Majesty of Challah and The Challah Recipe.

Mrs. Miller has been learning and teaching womens' mitzvos for over a decade. I am very grateful for her ongoing devotion to this subject and eagerness to help me. May Mrs. Miller continue, in strength, in her mission to bring Jewish women to greater appreciation of our inheritance.

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