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Simple substitutions, and the simplest, best Passover recipe links

No Question: I'm determined to have a wonderful, liberating Passover, and arrive at our seder like a Queen. And NO we are not going to a hotel! Instead, I'm going to be Cooking for The King. Here are resources for making  kosher for Passover recipes as well as make ahead substitutions and tips for simplifying your preparations. 

This is a time to get back to basics. Simplicity reigns. The recipes here feature food close to the source, prepared simply and always with a twist that complements to brings out the food's best flavor

The Queen in the Kitchen 3-day Cooking Guide" is full of time saving tips. Starting with preparing your Pesach pantry with better-than-stir-bought, easy to make substitutions you'll use all week.

Easy Passover Substitutions

Rice vinegar=lime juice + sugar

Cider vinegar=lemon juice + orange or apple juice

White vinegar=lemon juice

Kosher for Passover Homemade Mayonnaise ~tricks, tips and how to make mayonnaise step by step

Soy Sauce Substitute~ wheat free Soy sauce for Passover and gluten free, too

Teriyaki Sauce Substitute~ great on hamburgers, as a chicken marinade and drizzled on steamed vegetables

All Purpose Passover Pie Crust~for all your sweet or savory fillings, make several and freeze ahead

Cholent for Passover ~a.k.a. Yapchik,and it's delicious cholent for Pesach

How to arrive at your seder like a Queen
~Notes from HaRav Scheinberg, zt"l.

& as promised... kosher for passover recipes that you'll come back for every year

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