The Challah Bread Recipe
Rolls, dips and more

Challah is a powerful woman's mitzvah that brings abundant bracha, blessing, into our home. Cooking for The King's water challah recipe is about much more than its mixture of flour, sugar, salt, water and oil. Interspersed within each step of the recipe are entreaties appropriate to this task.

Just as you may want to use your own challah recipe, you may decide to include personal prayers of your own. Many women find these thoughts meaningful as they mix ingredients in preparation for the mitzvah of taking challah.

Bread, the staple of life, plays a essential role in meal planning and preparation. In simpler times a bowl of soup and slice of dark pumpernickel was a full and nourishing meal. Today, sandwiches are a mainstay in every lunchbox and cibatta is the newest addition to trendy luncheon menus.

For the Jewish Shabbos and Yom Tov table, the meal begins with hamotzi, the blessing specifically on challah bread. And at every seuda, a meal marking monumental mitzvah celebrations of life, by joining in the hamotzi and concluding blessings of the meal, we share in the family's simcha celebration. 

I invite you to try some of the recipes in Cooking for The King, and wander into these pages on challah bread recipe preparation and mitzvah celebrations to see what more is in store for every Queen of the Kitchen.

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