The Kosher Meat Recipes

Kosher Meat Recipes from Cooking for The King and The Kosher Channel with more to stay tuned~

The Kosher Grill

Adam's Ribs ~What's the secret to cooking perfectly tender, juicy bbq beef ribs? Well, I found out the hard way that there is an easy secret!

Fired Up London Broil ~an easy and delicious way with an economical cut of meat

The Kosher Roast

Lemon & Rosemary Roast Beef ~a “keeper.” It is so easy and comes out perfectly roasted every time.

Creole Beef~

Kosher Briskets, Bourguignon and other slow cooking

Breezy Barbecue Brisket ~With as many ways to make kosher brisket as there are Jewish mothers, why do I need to also have mine on The Kosher Channel?

Kosher Beef Bourguignon ~Great news, there IS a kosher option for beef bourguignon lovers. In her own words Julia Child says, “there are more ways than one to arrive at a good beef bourguignon.”

Veal Stew with Olives~

Elegant and Economical Kosher Meat Recipes

Holiday Meat Roulade~This tri-colored variation is so impressive, you'll be happy to invite the lowly meatloaf to your Jewish holiday table. With step by step instructions on video

Lauren's Meatballs~rendition of this basic recipe from "California Kosher Cookbook" that has become practically a staple in my freezer

Steak Burger in Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce~brings ground beef to a whole new level

Lise's Special Deli Roll~This kosher deli roll is beyond ordinary; it's a very special and budget friendly treat

Outrageous Fried Rice~Could it be? A meal of leftovers Planned Overs that your family will actually look forward to.

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