Recipes for traditional Jewish soups
and non-traditional—because we like those, too

Soup is powerful food.  It has the power to warm both our bodies and our souls.  It makes us feel loved, cared for, cherished.  No wonder that its only mention in the entire Torah appears intertwined with themes of relationship in the story of sibling struggle over eternal values. A battle that is still relevant today. Explore it with me in "Souped up on Fast Food," found in Cooking for the King, the Rosh Hashanah edition .

Classic tomato soup is a taste of home, it says love and gives comfort. But- what is the secret to a really good tomato soup recipe?  Find out here....

For more classic and creative soups you will want to keep under your crown, scroll down and look around.

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Outstanding soup recipes you will only find in Cooking for the King.

The Chanukah edition of Cooking for the King features my "Anything's Possible Potato Cheese Soup with variations for Cream of Mushroom (on cover), Cream of Spinach and Cream of Broccoli Soups. All are super tested recipes that include "Most Marvelous Minestrone."

Stories of heroines and history, with tips and health benefits that season these pages and illuminate your year.

Sephardic Chicken and Chickpea Soup

The Rosh Hashanah edition brims with soul warming stories and soups: Harvest Bisque with butternut squash, apple and orange. You'll also find Hearty Cabbage Soup and more recipes that will become the mainstay of your Shabbos and yom tov table. And you'll enjoy thoughts about our tradition by reading "Souped up on Fast Food." I hope you'll get your very own copies today. I mean, how can you resist!?

Rich Mushroom and Leek Soup
Savory Moroccan Carrot Soup
Creamy Pareve Zucchini Soup

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