Hearty Cabbage Soup
the king of Jewish Soup

Believe it or not, a traditional repertoire of Jewish soups includes more than chicken soup. I call this Cabbage Soup the "king" of soups because, chock full of flavorful vegetables and hearty broth, it is really my family's favorite soup.

The secret to the deep flavor this tried and true Cabbage Soup recipe is to brown the bones first. This step is what gives the broth its unparalleled richness.

If you add some leftover brisket, corned beef or bits of roast you'll have a hearty, filling meal. Now that's something to keep under your crown.

The King of Jewish Soups: The Cabbage Soup Recipe
can be found in the first of the series of Cooking for The King cookbooks. Get your copy at most Jewish booksellers and on Amazon.com:

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