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Jewish Desserts, Cookies and Confections

I've heard it said that "stressed" is simply "desserts" spelled backwards; could that mean that the antidote to stress is... chocolate?! 

Believe it or not, that may be the case when you are talking about the health benefits of dark chocolate, blueberries and spices like ginger. But indulging too much in sweets, even these yummy Jewish desserts, is probably not the best course of action.

The healthy approach to facing the stress in our lives involves something more intellectual. By taking a step back, seeing the picture from a new angle and placing G-d squarely in the middle of that picture, we suddenly feel better knowing that we are in Hashem’s Hand and not in the hands of man. From that place we can go forward. 

     Before or after you look into the delicoius dessert recipes below, you might want to read about the true sweetness in the life of a Jew:  learning and living a life fully seasoned with Torah ➣➣

Sugar & Spice

Banana Bread ~ the best I've ever tried. It's easy, and open to many creative variations. The potassium in bananas and Omega-3 in nuts make a heart and head healthy combination.

A Little Nutty...

Delightful & Dairy Desserts...

Chocolate IS Dessert....

Dramatic & Delicious from "Cooking for the King, volume one"
GanEden Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies from "Cooking for the King, volume one"

Fruity Finale...

Pear with Pomegranate Dessert from "Cooking for the King, volume one"

Jewish desserts on The Kosher Channel are not pure indulgences. Dates, fruits, nuts, and even chocolate have enormous health benefits to share. more....

  Serving delicious dessert recipes at your Shabbos and Yom Tov tables, while sharing sweet insights from our holy sages, creates memories that anchor your family and guests to the eternal sweetness that is our Torah.

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Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin
The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips
designed to bring majesty to the mundane.