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Jewish Desserts, Cookies and Confections

I've heard it said that "stressed" is simply "desserts" spelled backwards; could that mean that the antidote to stress is... chocolate?! 

Believe it or not, that may be the case when you are talking about the health benefits of dark chocolate in particular. But indulging in sweets, even these yummy Jewish desserts, is probably not the best course of action.

The healthy approach to facing the stress in our lives involves something more intellectual. By taking a step back, seeing the picture from a new angle and placing G-d squarely in the middle of that picture, we suddenly feel better knowing that we are in Hashem’s Hand and not in the hands of man. From that place we can go forward. 

Oatmeal Date Bars~ a fantastic recipe that highlights the luscious taste of this highly nutritious dried fruit in Cooking for the King, Rosh Hashanah Edition

Tree Hugger Tart~ Chocolatey, fruity and oh, so good. We like this one because it is so adaptable, sophisticated and simple, Queen in the Kitchen style.

Classic Coffee Cake~ a timeless classic. Not too sweet for breakfast, a satisfying afternoon treat and a simple finish to a weeknight meal or pack in a lunchbox.

Rosca~ Sephadic cinnamon bread, similar to babka. Step-by-step photo instructions.

Tipsy Cake~ the secret Whiskey cake recipe from our sweet and spontaneous, beloved Aunt Beatrice. A GREAT cook. Easy because it starts with a cake mix. Beware: this will get you a bit tipsy!

Gingerdoodles!~ get rave reviews every time I serve them. On this page you'll learn how ginger can heal a toothache and calm morning sickness. Plus there's even a Kosher Channel exclusive video

Curabies~ also known as "Snow Cookies" or Sephardic Wedding Cookies, melt in your mouth nutty delights. When it comes to a Sephardic Jewish desserts spread, curabies are always present.

Tahini Cookies~ You may not think of tahini as a dessert, but this simple and easy to make cookie will change your mind about that. 

The Six Minute Cake~ goes together in just a few minutes with ingredients already in your kitchen...including one that will surprise you 

Chocolate Chip Cookies~ the best recipe I've found for this classic cookie. We know chocolate is not "forbidden fruit," in spite of the temptation it often provides. What makes chocolate the object of such obsession?

Flourless Chocolate Cake~ a rich chocolate dessert and a natural for Passover, great for your gluten-free family and guests 

Almond Macaroons~ a classic Passover dessert that you can enjoy all year year. Great for a simple gluten free dessert, anytime

Banana Bread ~ the best I've ever tried. It's easy, and open to many creative variations. The potassium in bananas and Omega-3 in nuts make a heart and head healthy combination.

Linda's Fruit Salad~ Linda makes fruit salad recipe with her artist's touch. It's hard not to appreciate the array of color choices in Hashem's palate whatever the season. Like any artist, Linda gives this her "signature," a flourish of flavor you'll want to try 

Poached quince is classic way to bring the quince’s sweet taste to life in your kitchen.  They are so versatile! Serve in parfaits, with cake or sherbet. I've even had them in salads.  See the video and learn how to choose, cut and cook the lovely quince. 

Jewish desserts on The Kosher Channel are not pure indulgences. Dates, fruits, nuts, and even chocolate have enormous health benefits to share. 

Serving delicious dessert recipes at your Shabbos and Yom Tov tables, while sharing sweet insights from our holy sages, creates memories that anchor your family and guests to the eternal sweetness that is our Torah.

Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin ~ The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips designed to bring majesty to the mundane.


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Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin
The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips
designed to bring majesty to the mundane.

As featured in Mishpacha, the Jewish Press, Hamodia,  Yated & 5Towns Jewish Home

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