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Dates for Tu b'Shvat 5775
begins at sunset Tuesday, February 3 
and ends at nightfall Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Menu I

Here's why we celebrate Tu B'Shvat 
with the Sheva Minim
 and here's how you do it:

Challah, foccacia, wraps or Onion & Poppyseed Twirls,
perfect to serve with these Olive Oil Dips

Green or Black Olive Tepanade
The olive, Israel's most precious fruit

Sheva Minim Tabouleh Salad
My "go to" Tu b'Shvat recipe

~The Main Event~

Toasted Barley Salad with Pecans
Humble barley never tasted so delicious

Braised Carrots in Marsala Wine
A sweet side dish with an adult appeal

Chicken with Figs and Orange Sauce
Goes great with Marsala Carrots, rich and satisfying

~A Sweet Ending~

Tree Hugger Tart
chocolatey, fruity, nutty and oh so good

Menu II


Tu b'Shvat is the Rosh Hashana for the trees. We like to try to eat as many different kinds of fruit as we can find throughout the meal and some bring out all sorts of fruity,nutty desserts and sweets to share with guests on the holiday. 

Here are several dessert recipes from Cooking for The King that will help you to have the sweetest Tu B'Shvat ever!

Linda's Fruit Salad Recipe

Moist Banana Bread   

  Tree Hugger Tart

Almond Macaroons

Sephardic Wedding Cookies

Oatmeal Date Bars

What is Tu b'Shvat about? Here's the inside story ....and if you're hungry for more, 
here's a link to a previous Tu b'Shvat newsletter

Cooking for The King by Renee Chernin ~ The book of Torah insights, recipes and practical tips designed to bring majesty to the mundane.

As featured in Mishpacha, the Jewish Press, Hamodia,  Yated & 5Towns Jewish Home

The Week's Favorite Recipes:

"Women are still coming up to me and saying how amazing the Demo was" Rivka in St. Louis (Eishes Chayil, Partners & JWRP)