Shavuot Recipes

Lots of Jewish women like Shavuos recipes that veer from the usual heavy meat fare in favor of lighter, but still rich and creamy, dairy treats. Read why here.~   However, the Rambam says is important to celebrate our holidays meat and wine for it makes a man's heart happy. What's a woman to do?  

A busy kitchen shuttling between basar and chalav (meat and dairy foods) can create  kashrus chaos. But, these pareve dishes will keep you sane and able to enjoy the delight of Shavuos....

Try pareve recipes this Shavuot

Many have the custom to serve a dairy course or entire meal followed with a full meat meal on Shavuot night. Traditionally, we serve at least one dairy or one meat meal over the course of the holiday. 

Divine Desserts for Shavuot

~Our most sustaining memories are made around the Yom Tov and Shabbos meals. The love with which we prepare for the holiday is one of the ways we perpetuate Torah in our future generations.

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